Episode 4

Allison Aubuchon


March 17th, 2020

14 mins 36 secs

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About this Episode

Peter Schorsch hunkers down with Allison Aubuchon, one of the brightest minds in the public affairs industry.

Before founding Allison Aubuchon Communications in 2016, she served as the Florida State Communications & External Affairs Director for the Foundation for Excellence in Education and the Foundation for Florida’s Future, where she managed large-scale initiatives statewide.

Prior to joining the Foundation, she served as Press Secretary for the Florida Senate Majority Office, promoting the legislative priorities and accomplishments of the majority party and providing communication services to members and their staff.

Allison talks about what it’s like on Day 2 of the kids being home in the Aubuchon household.

“Yesterday was a really tough day,” she said. “It’s a day where things started escalating really rapidly, about how serious the changes needed to be.”

The challenge is to balance work, kids at home — despite it being spring break, they can’t go anywhere — and having “grace with ourselves.” Hopefully, Allison says, things will fall into a much more manageable routine as the coronavirus situation continues.